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Quick Details

Adult Ages 12+
Child Ages 7 - 11

You are cordially invited to attend the new Titanic Tea Time experience at Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition.

Seating is at 3:00 PM sharp—don’t keep the Countess of Rothes and the ladies of First Class waiting! Joining you will be fashion journalist Edith Rosenbaum and millionaire John Jacob Astor’s new bride Madeleine.


• 3:00pm, every Sunday
• 2hr Duration

Three Rules for Teatime at Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition

  1. Be on time! Seating is limited and begins promptly at 3:00 PM.
  2. Dress to impress. Hats and gloves are optional (and available for purchase in the gift shop), but Sunday best is a must.
  3. Leave your phone in 2023 as you are transported to 1912 and find yourself in the First- Class Tea Room onboard Titanic.


  • 1st Tier
    • Cucumber Sandwiches, Chicken Salad Sandwiches, Ham Sandwiches
  • 2nd Tier
    • Guava & Cheese Pasteles, Fruit Scones, Plain Scone, Wild Berry Jam & Honey
  • 3rd Tier
    • Macarons, Chocolate Eclairs, Mini Cheesecakes
  • Beverages
    • Traditional English Style Afternoon Tea in pot
      Light Green Tea in pot Coffee upon request
      Cream, Sugar Cubes, Lemon, Honey
      Additional Tea offerings available in tea bags such as Decaf available


Q: What are the seating arrangements?
A: Each table seats up to 8-10 guests.

Q: When should we arrive?
A: Please arrive at 2:45 p.m. to check in at our Purser’s Desk, obtain your boarding passes and table assignment. A cash bar will be available. You may purchase by the glass or bottle.

Q: Are visitors allowed to meet and greet the performers?
A: Yes, before and after the event you can mingle with each passenger.

Q: Are cameras, audio or video recording allowed at your show?
A: Only non-flash photography is allowed. No audio or video recording is allowed.

Q: What is the dress code?
A: This is an elegant event. No flip flops, tank tops, shorts or t-shirts please.